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Record length: 1536
Flags: A R 

Keys: 1

Title  Flags  Fields

Employee  EMPLOYEE

Fields: 71

Field  Type  Title  Presentation 

EMPLOYEE  String*12  Employee ID  Mask: %-12N
AUDTDATE  Date     
AUDTTIME  Time     
AUDTUSER  String*8     
AUDTORG  String*6     
AMENDEDNBR  String*20  Amended or Replaced Serial No.   
RREFERNBR  String*20  Employer Payroll Reference No.   
COMPANYNAM  String*60  Company Name   
CADDRESS1  String*60  Company Address 1   
CADDRESS2  String*60  Company Address 2   
CADDRESS3  String*60  Company Address 3   
CADDRESS4  String*60  Company Address 4   
CCITY  String*30  Company Address City   
CPROVINCE  String*30  Company Address Province   
CPOSTALC  String*20  Company Postal Code  Mask: %-20c
RCTID  String*20  CCRA Business No. (BN)  Mask: %-15N
LANGUAGE  Integer  Communication Preferred in  List: 2 entries
PAYFREQ  Integer  Pay Period Type  List: 8 entries
10=22 pay periods
9=13 pay periods
8=10 pay periods
EMPNAME  String*60  Employee Name   
EADDRESS1  String*60  Employee Address 1   
EADDRESS2  String*60  Employee Address 2   
EADDRESS3  String*60  Employee Address 3   
EADDRESS4  String*60  Employee Address 4   
ECITY  String*30  Employee Address City   
EPROVINCE  String*30  Employee Address Province   
COUNTRY  String*30  Employee Country   
EPOSTALC  String*20  Employee Postal Code  Mask: %-3N %-3N
POSITION  String*25  Employee Occupation   
SIN  String*11  Social Insurance Number  Mask: %-3d-%-3d-%-3d
FIRSTDAY  Date  First Day Worked   
LASTDAY  Date  Last Day Worked   
UIPAYTO  Date  EI Premiums Payable up to   
PPENDDATE  Date  Final Pay Period Ending Date   
ALLMAX  Boolean  Maximum for Each Pay Period   
UITOTEARN  BCD*10.3  Total Insurable Earnings   
INSWEEKS  Integer  Insurable Weeks   
VACPAY  BCD*10.3  Vacation Pay   
HOLDATE1  Date  Holiday 1 Date   
HOLPAY1  BCD*10.3  Holiday 1 Pay   
HOLDATE2  Date  Holiday 2 Date   
HOLPAY2  BCD*10.3  Holiday 2 Pay   
HOLDATE3  Date  Holiday 3 Date   
HOLPAY3  BCD*10.3  Holiday 3 Pay   
OMONEY1D  String*15  Other Money 1 Description   
OMONEY1  BCD*10.3  Other Money 1   
OMONEY2D  String*15  Other Money 2 Description   
OMONEY2  BCD*10.3  Other Money 2   
OMONEY3D  String*15  Other Money 3 Description   
OMONEY3  BCD*10.3  Other Money 3   
ALLOCATED  Integer  Allocated Details   
SICKSTART  Date  Payment Start Date for Sick   
SICKLENGTH  Integer  Sick Leave Length   
BEWEEKS  Boolean  Sick Leave Weeks/Days   
SICKAMT  BCD*10.3  Amount of Sick Benifits   
ROEREASONS  Integer  Reasons for Issuing  List: 14 entries
1=A - Shortage of work
2=B - Strike or lock-out
3=C - Return to school
4=D - Illness or injury
5=E - Quit
6=F - Maternity
7=G - Retirement
8=H - Work Sharing
9=J - Apprentice training
10=M - Dismissal
11=N - Leave of absence
13=P - Parental
14=Z - Compassionate Care
12=K - Other
ROEREASON  String*1  Reason for Issuing This ROE  Mask: %1A
CONTACT  String*60  For further Info. Contact   
TELEPHONE  String*30  Phone No. to Contact  Mask: (%-3C) %-3C-%-4C %-20C
RECALLDATE  Date  Expected Date of Recall   
NOTRETURN  Boolean  Not Returning   
UNKNOWN  Boolean  Unknown Date   
COMMENTS  String*200  Comments   
ISSUERNAME  String*60  Issuer Name   
ISSUEPHONE  String*30  Issuer's Phone No.  Mask: (%-3C) %-3C-%-4C %-20C
ISSUEDATE  Date  Date of Issue   
WHICHCNTRY  Integer  Which Country   
UITOTHRS  BCD*4.3  EI Total Hrs   
UI96EARN  BCD*10.3  Insurable Earnings for 1996   
BUSEUIDTL  Boolean  Print Insurable Earnings Detail?   
ROE53WEEKS  Boolean  53 weeks ROE?   
USERID  String*8  User ID   

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