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With 2019 on the horizon it is Time to Thrive. In times like these we must look after our assets and work on being efficient both in delivery of services and in cost management. Many of our customers have a substantial investment in stock and with the exchange rate not favouring the SA Rand it looks like these inventories will grow even higher. Stock management can make the difference between achieving significant cost savings while still providing a high supply service level, and insolvency. In the tough times there are opportunities that arise and we need to seize every one we can to provide new and better ways of doing things. Technology has got to the stage where it is no longer necessary to travel to distant sites to provide information that we can broadcast on the internet and even host effective online conferences from a laptop computer or tablet. The Internet of Things (IoT) is now happening with all sorts of gadgets and even some useful applications such as remote security light switches and door bells that you can answer from your smartphone.

Top Stories

Sage 300 2019 has been released

  • Global Search. Type a name, description, number, or code in Global Search to quickly find transactions or records in your database. You can search for people, companies, transactions, accounts, and many other types of records.
  • Export Declaration Number field. In Accounts Receivable and Order Entry, you can now enter export declaration numbers for individual invoice details. This information is required for tax purposes in some jurisdictions (such as Malaysia and Singapore).
  • Tax Authority reference fields for Malaysia and Singapore. On the Tax Authorities screen, you can enter identifying information for a "principal" in the Reference Name and Reference Number fields. You can group tax reporting by these principals.
  • Improved Inquiry tool. The Sage 300c Inquiry tool has been redesigned to be more powerful and versatile. It includes many new standard queries, and you can now create your own custom queries.

Sage 300 ERP 2014 with Product Update 4 highlights:

    Optimize Inventory function to make inventory reordering easier by calculating recommended reorder levels based on past sales trends, lead time and current stock levels.

    A new Entered By field on transaction entry screens (Requisition Entry, Purchase Order Entry, Receipt Entry, Invoice Entry, Return Entry, and Credit/Debit Note Entry) indicates who entered the transaction.

    When printing the G/L Transactions Listing, you can now print a report that spans multiple fiscal years and periods.

    When printing to e-mail, you can now select recipients from your Microsoft Outlook address book.

    A new Business Reg. No. field on the Company Profile screen allows you to enter the business registration number for your company.

    A new Current Users screen helps you optimize use of your LanPak license. You can now get information about who is currently signed in to Sage 300 ERP, even if the maximum number of users for your LanPak license are signed in.

    Current User Screen

    Fresh, modern look and feel. We've redesigned the desktop and some frequently used screens to make it easier to find information and complete tasks.

    Enhanced visual process flows. You can now use process flows to manage more sophisticated workflows, by linking to programs, reports, macros, and other process flows.

    Enhanced integration between Sage 300 ERP and Sage Inventory Advisor. New fields in Inventory Control and Purchase Orders help you manage your inventory.