We are now over COVID but the world has changed and the way we live and work is different. Inventory levels are back to a more normal level. Hybrid working is now a normal thing with some working days at the office and some at home. We can now broadcast news and information using webinars and even provide remote support from a laptop computer or tablet. The Internet of Things (IoT) is still happening with all sorts of gadgets and even some other useful innovations such as QR codes and payment gateways. Customers expect more automation and digitalization for transactions that can be automatically updated in the system.

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Sage 300 2024 What's new

  • Improvements and additions to the Sage 300cloud web screens
  • Improved Finder experience
  • 64-bit Financial Reporter
  • Purchase Order and Order Entry improvements
  • Reserve LanPak
  • Bank feed improvements
  • New options to access Sage Data & Analytics
  • Enhanced 3rd Party Help

To learn more about the new features and improvements included in this release, check out the What’s New in Release 2024 video and read the release notes.